Phone Mentoring for Parents

The aTLC WarmLine phone mentors offer parents-to-be, pregnant partners, and parents and caregivers consistent, evidence-based guidance and support for enhancing effective and conscious parenting. Premises: 1. A healthy parent/child bond, from preconception onward, is the ideal for effective parenting and a child’s optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual development. 2. Parents are always doing the best they can, at any given moment, with the information, resources, and support they have. 3. Children are always doing the best they can, and challenging behaviors are their way of communicating their need for adult attention, connection, and support. 4. Children never outgrow their need for a strong connection with their parents, and it is never too late for parents to strengthen theBoy-on-world-Sepia-smir connection with their children.

“How we treat the child, the child will treat the world.”

~ Pam Leo

The aTLC Blueprint of Principles and Actions synthesizes ancient wisdom with evidence-based practices that foster optimal human development. For a quick overview, see the Abridged Principles and the Abridged Actions. The WarmLine Mentors help make the Principles and Actions readily accessible and relevant to everyday parenting concerns.

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